Billing & Payment Terms

An MAU refers to a Monthly Active User, someone who logs in and uses your Synap Services in a given calendar month.

This document is intended to provide an overview of the key principles of our billing and payment terms. Specific references to Synap's prices or associated user numbers is provided as examples of how this works only. Please visit our website pricing page for the most up-to-date information

Monthly billing cycle

You are billed monthly based on:

  1. the Synap plan and user quota you select (i.e., Standard 100 MAUs, Pro 250 MAUs), and

  2. the number of Monthly Active Users (MAUs) in your quota (i.e. 100, 250, 500)

  3. the number of additional users of your account in the preceding month ('overages')

  4. any fees due for Professional Services, including any agreed 3rd Party costs (e.g. proctoring seats) at the time your bill is calculated

These are the “Pricing Metrics” that are used to calculate your bill. We bill you each month in advance according to your agreed plan, with the exception of 'additional users' which are billed in arrears.

Annual Plans

We offer substantial discounts (~20%) for annual payments, paid upfront. Customers on an annual plan can request to pay by invoice with 30 day terms, as opposed to card.

In-plan and Out-of-plan users

We undersand that your usage will change over time, and for many of our clients, may vary substantially from month to month (e.g. a startup launching a new product, or a tutoring company with seasonal peaks around exams).

Our plans are designed to accommodate these different scenarios. Our Standard and Pro plans come with a baseline of 25 and 100 MAUs respectively, with additional users over those amounts being charged at a flat rate of £2 per user.

As you scale, or during seasonal peaks, you can upgrade your plan to include more MAUs (e.g. 250, 500 or 1,000). This upgrade could be temporary or permanent, depending on which option represents the best value for you. 'In plan' users offer a significant discount (upto 70%) over out-of-plan users, so if you are seeing or expecting to have more users, it is often advisable to move to a higher plan.

Our customer success team can advise you on the right plan and associated MAU quotas as we learn about your project and expected usage.

Estimating your upcoming invoice

You can see your current plan and user quota by logging in to your Admin Account, clicking on Profile Icon and selecting 'Billing'. You can also see how many MAUs have been on your platform in the last rolling 30 days by going to your Dashboard.

This information should give you an accurate estimate of your monthly bill. Please note that, at the moment, there is a slight discrepancy between how your MAUs are calculated in your bill (calendar month), and how they are calculated in your Dashboard (30 days). We are working to change this.

From your Billing page, you can also access past invoices for your records. A copy of these will also be emailed to you each month.

VAT Information for B2B Transactions

Please note that Synap operates as a B2B (business-to-business) service company, catering exclusively to businesses. Consequently, all the prices listed in our pricing documentation are exclusive of VAT.

VAT will be calculated and added to your total upon portal creation, plan upgrades and changes, and will be explicitly itemised for overages. This ensures full transparency and compliance with tax regulations, allowing your organisation to handle or reclaim VAT in accordance with your local jurisdiction's policies.

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